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Decking Contractor

Decks are a wonderful way to create an outdoor living space for your home. Not only does it create an inviting atmosphere for gatherings but it also adds a significant amount of value to a home should you ever decide to sell it.

Here are a few things that you should be prepared to answer before meeting with contractors to get started on enjoying your new deck:

  • Needs: (How will you utilize your deck? Will you be using the space for outdoor dining and entertainment? Built in seating for lounging? Do you want placement for plants? Space for a hot tub? Fire pit? Or, maybe an outdoor kitchen?
  • Location: Composite wood decks are usually built off kitchens, living rooms, or family rooms to maximize the use of the space. However, be sure to consider privacy when deciding where your deck is going to be placed.
  • Size: What kind of outside furniture do you plan to use on your deck? Be sure to allow space to pull out chairs, walking around, and grill space.
  • Integrate: A deck that blends with the design of your home will bring value. The style of your home will help narrow the types of materials and accents that should be used.
  • Lighting: Deck lighting may include wall sconces, accent lights around the perimeter, post lights, or floodlights. If you’re on the eco-friendly side, consider using solar powered lighting. Make sure to put the switches indoors for convenience while also considering dimmers/ timers. Definitely include a bug zapper.
  • Landscape: If you need privacy, choose tall bushes, or trees that will provide you with shade and solitude.

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Finding a reliable deck contractor can be a challenge. We focus on delivering you the deck that you envision within a reasonable time frame and a reasonable price. The key to a successfully built deck is by designing the appropriate space, scoping out the details of the project and then executing the plan.

Why you should hire Bay Cities Construction to build your deck:

  • Written Cost Quotation including materials and labor.
  • Warranty 24 months on stucco and wood.
  • Expert color consultation.
  • A detailed timeline of work.
  • Project Management services to deliver job on time.

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