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Meet Our Team


Who We Are

Team of Pros

We are the leading residential construction company in the South Bay and have spent many years differentiating ourselves from a general contractor, we’re a team of pros! We pride ourselves in not only the quality of work we provide, but also focus highly in customer services and take our relationships with our clients seriously. We understand the true needs and wants of the client while developing an executable plan to treat the client's house like a home instead of a construction site. In addition, we’ve also created an easy and efficient process to getting a “construction estimate”. Gone are the days of ballpark number estimates and quotes without line items.

Keep scrolling to learn about everyone on the team and our 4 step process…



Alexander Rodriguez | Founder & CEO

Alex got his start in construction at the tender age of 16, he would work as a painter's apprentice during summer for his Uncle Louie in Florida. He worked his way up through the trades, learning and gathering valuable experience. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Alex always wanted to own his own business. He earned an Undergraduate and Master's degree in business administration. He founded Bay Cities Construction in 2004 and grew the company to a major construction player in Los Angeles and Orange County. His passion for building beautiful projects is reflected in the hundreds of projects Bay Cities Construction has completed in Los Angeles and Orange Counties!

For the last twenty-five years, Alex has dedicated his life to educating homeowners about construction. He has written hundreds of articles on topics including Seismic Retrofit of Wood-frame “Soft Story” buildings, Residential Construction, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), and Kitchen & Bathroom remodels.

Casey McArthur | Project Manager

From a very young age, Casey knew that he wanted to be in the construction business. At age 14, he started stocking shelves at Anza Hardware in Redondo Beach, CA. It was not long before Anza Hardware customers hired Casey for odd jobs around the homes. At 20 years old, Casey joined a framing contractor and started framing and building houses. By age 25, he started working with a custom stone fabricator making countertops and installing tile & marble in bathrooms. This first-hand experience garnered over 25 years gives Casey the technical knowledge base to solve complex construction problems.

Casey has a pleasant demeanor and is easy to work with on the job, once we begin to build your project you’ll see Casey at your project on a daily basis. He is a Senior Project Manager at Bay Cities Construction.



Bryan E. | Sales & Marketing

Bryan has been a member of the Bay Cities team for four years. He plays a pivotal role in our organization, ensuring that our office & website operate smoothly.

"As a member of the Sales & Marketing team, my main responsibility is to be the first point of contact for all potential customers. If you are considering a Kitchen & Bath remodel, I will be calling you in the hopes of scheduling a consultation for you and your family.

I’ve had the joy of working at Bay Cities Construction for the last 4 years and no two days are alike. One of my favorite roles at the company is having the ability to film, direct, and produce all of the videos we make for our website & for our YouTube channel. On the weekends I enjoy reading, playing the drums, and working on cars."

Bryan is a liaison between our customers and our management team. Did you recently request a consultation on our website? Expect to hear from Bryan soon. 

Our Process


Create A Design With A Look You Want

Many people develop anxiety at the thought of making material selections. The choices can be overwhelming. We make this process stress-free by providing you guidance with selecting all your finish materials. Our designer Wendy Hurst will work with you to find the perfect tile, countertops, and cabinetry. We have access to high-quality and affordable materials for your construction project.



STEP 2. 

Create Construction Drawings to Scale

The only way to get an accurate price is to know the quantities of materials needed for your project. Our designer will create floor plans, cabinet elevations, and tile elevations so that you know what the design will look like. It the perfect way to determine what the perfect look.

STEP 3. 

Cost Identification Construction Quote

Clients come to us in search of cost certainty. Take comfort in knowing that you will receive an accurate quote because the pricing is based on items that you selected. Your cost is not based on “allowances,” the cost is based on the quantities of material and the labor hours needed to complete each task. We will create a job scope that details the tasks to be completed, the materials to be used and the total cost for labor and materials.



STEP 4. 

Construction Planning & Timeline

By this phase, materials and costs have been determined. Casey our project manager will complete your schedule. Once you approve a start date, Casey will give you a projected completion date. Your entire construction schedule will be uploaded and available for you to review online. Casey will book all workers and arrange delivery of your materials. It is a turnkey process.

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