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Home Additions & Home Remodels: How to Stay Out of Trouble


All projects that go ‘south’ share a few common factors. This article is designed to communicate the importance of working with top notch people while giving you some foresight about what to avoid.

  1. Have a budget.

  2. Screen the contractor well.

    • Ask him/her the 3 magic questions.

    • Call 3-6 references.

      • Ask the magic questions.

    • Answer the question with your personal intuition "can I trust this person?"

  3. Get a written job scope.

  4. Get a written construction schedule.

  5. Set up performance expectations.

Having these things in place will not always avert a bad construction experience, but not having them will almost always insure you to experience massive frustration, stress, and cost overruns. It is always better to deal with a contractor that can set your project up for success.

Magic Questions:

  1. Tell me about how your crew sets up in the morning?

  2. Tell me about how you handle unforeseen issues during construction?

  3. Tell me how you handle things during construction?

The answers you are looking for SHOULD describe a “formal Process” based activity. For example, 1) “We plan out the job a week in advance and our Project manager meets the crew in the morning to get things going etc. 2) We have a change order process that will identify what additional work needs to be done how long it will take and how much it will cost.” 3) “We have a closing process at the end of each day.. the guys clean up there area”…etc.

You are basically looking for processes. Formalized processes are the only way to ensure your project will get done on time and with the least amount of aggravation.


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