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Why Price Per Square Foot is a Stupid Way to Figure Out Costs


Why price per square foot is a stupid way to figure out the cost of a home remodel or home addition!

I can't tell you how much it irritates me when people in the construction industry tell a homeowner that it will cost $150, $200, … $400 per foot. This is a reckless comment to tell a home owner! It requires no effort by the person uttering such fallacies. Only a true simpleton would say such a thing to a Client. When a homeowner asks cost related questions, this is the time to respond with an answer supported with educated information. Homeowners want cost information in order to plan for the project. If they are given the wrong or incomplete information when they think that they are dealing with facts, major things go will wrong.

Architects and engineers know very little about construction costs! Don’t get yourself into trouble by depending on cost information that an architect or engineer gives you. Without finalized plans, most contractors will not be able to tell you what a  project will cost. If you don’t have plans, almost any number that you're given will be 99% worthless. Think about it logically, you are asking “give me a price” on something that does not exist. If you have plans, the costs can be computed because you have known quantities for materials and labor hours can be calculated based on the time it takes to do the individual tasks detailed in the plans.

“Price per square foot” is pitfall for homeowners looking for counsel on what things truly cost. You need a true Pro to help guide you through the gauntlet of construction.


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