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Bathroom Remodel Trends of 2013

Posted by Lydia Solis on Feb 9 2013

In the past ten years or so people have been pushing eco friendly and energy efficient trends. This year we will be experiencing the biggest eco-friendly boost ever. Prepare your new bathroom to be upgraded and up-to-date.

           2013 bathroom remodel trends When remodeling your bathroom this year, keep these few quick tips in mind. Stay organic and eco-friendly, attractive and or earthy coloring, and make sure your bathroom is space efficient.

            With everyone being more health conscious and trying to save the planet from harmful waste, use recycled materials to give your home a lively feel. Another great way to be eco-friendly is to incorporate florescent lights into your home to save money every month on your electric bill.  Does your dream bathroom involve a wonderful showerhead that makes you feel like you’re getting the whole spa package on a three-week cruise through the Caribbean? Well you can make your bathroom feel that way and not worry about your shower system using too much water. With todays cutting technology you will feel like you’re using twice as much water but actually saving up to twenty percent more water than your traditional water system.

            Picking a color for your dream bathroom should be exciting. Trends for this year will be unexpected flashy colors that will get you ready to start the day everyday. Alsobathroom remodel trends of 2013

            Now for the full effect of remodeling to come together quite nicely it must all be organized and work together. An easy way to make sure things don’t clash is to keep them simple; that doesn’t mean you can’t have something nice. Whether it be a nice shower with glass walls and quality tiling or an antique iron tub with an elegant faucet, or a modern cabinet set and sink. Make sure you have space for you and the family. Cabinet 2013 bathroom remodelssets can also be a crucial component of your bathroom, making space for cleaning supplies or toiletries isn’t always easy when you’re sharing a bathroom with more than just one.



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