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The Consequences of Poor Home Maintenance

The vast digital information space known as the internet contains countless articles home maintenance tipsproviding overviews on quality home repair. They offer step-by-step comprehensive guides to ensure every aspect of your house – walls, floors, appliances, furniture, roofs, are properly maintained. Yet humanity is far from perfect, and more often than not, laziness and procrastination win out over proactivity and responsibility. This article is focusing on the negatives situations and consequences of abstaining from quality home maintenance.  Input a steady repair/inspection schedule into your home maintenance app, or else face the wrath of these varying household afflictions.

Gutter Nightmares

Gutters exist for one specific purpose: to serve as an alleyway through which water is safely and swiftly diverted from the respective structure. If you let leaves and other debris accumulate inside the gutter, not only do you render it useless, but you increase the likelihood of several bad situations. If the water cannot flow properly down the trough, it can slowly pulverize the roofing material and begin to seep into the building foundation.  Due to the increased weight, the gutter can potentially collapse, causing structural damage and possibly rendering the unfortunate person beneath it unconscious. Additionally, Mother Nature can take root, as plants and trees have been reported to begin growing from the gutters as well!

To prevent all these horrible situations, all it takes is a rake, a ladder, and 15 minutes of your time on a weekly basis. Schedule it into your home maintenance app and breathe easy.

property maintenance tipsTermite Terror

If you notice sawdust appearing on the floor, look above you. There’s a high likelihood the above ceiling is infested by termites. Deal with them immediately, because if you don’t, they’ll only continue to expand and eat away at your wood foundation until the structural integrity of your building is in jeopardy. Remember: if left unabated, termite colonies can grow to contain over a million members and their voracious appetites can never be satisfied.

Water Worries

If you notice water consistently accumulating anywhere, inspect and get someone to fix it as quickly as possible. Water leads to dampness, rust, mold, which wreak havoc from both a structural and health standpoint. Additionally, dampness is the very thing that attracts termites, the wood-devouring miniature invaders as discussed above.

Root Encroachment

This doesn’t pertain to the small root bases of the plants in your garden. This is focused on the colossal roots of that ancient Oak located in close proximity to your home. Aside from being incredibly strong, these roots can potentially encroach on your house foundation, slowly damaging and destroying drain lines and important pipes. It’s deceptive because obviously all this destruction is occurring underground, but it’s important to keep tabs on. It’s a prime example of how one of the greatest threats to your home possibly comes from beneath you.


Professional inspections and repair services can hit your wallet hard. But after going over all these various housing afflictions, they’re a necessary expense that will save you money in the long run and help your home maintain its market value.  


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