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Interior Design: AR Apps To Transform How You Shop for Furniture

ar-apps-interior-design.png(image courtesy of VRScout.com)

Augmented Reality (“AR”) and Virtual Reality (“VR”) were both popular features showcased at the 2018 Consumer Electronic Show (also known as “CES”) this year in Las Vegas. Tech giants like Apple, Snapchat, Facebook, and Google are developing their own AR platforms. Pretty soon you'll be using augmented reality apps for everything, like buying clothes, and even buying furniture.

Retailers have embraced AR technology to give customer an enhanced shopping experience in stores and a better experience when shopping online. If you haven’t already used AR on your phone, you’ll really want to after reading this article. Our short blog article will highlight just some of the AR apps available today for homeowners to shop for furniture in their home and ditch the . If you are currently remodeling your home and are purchasing furniture, these apps will transform how you shop for furniture. You’ll be mesmerized by how these apps let you visualize real furniture in your own home.

Interior Design Apps

AR technology is already disrupting one industry, Interior Design. For those that are unfamiliar, choosing furniture for a newly remodeled home can take months if done without the help of an Interior Designer; certain AR apps are hoping to change that. Retailers like IKEA, Lowes, and Houzz know this, and they are taking full advantage of AR technology. Their iOS and Android apps integrate AR technology to allow consumers to visualize 3D renderings of furniture in their home, in real-time. Yes, the future is here!

IKEA Place App

ikea-place-app.png(image courtesy of IKEA)

One of the earliest AR adopters for interior design purposes was Swedish furniture giant IKEA. In September 2017 IKEA released their wildly popular IKEA Place app shortly after Apple released iOS 11 alongside the new iPhone 8. The AR technology in the app allows consumers to browse through different IKEA product offerings. Once they choose a product that they like, the app renders a 3D model that they can view in their home by accessing their camera. As you can see from the image above, you can visualize the selected IKEA product to see how it will look in your home. The AR technology developed by Apple is accurate enough to scale the dimensions of the furniture as you move your phone, without the need of a tape-measure. The days of carrying a tape-measure to furniture stores are over. The IKEA Place app is only available on iOS for iPhones.

Pair App

pair-app.png(image courtesy of Pair)

The Pair app is the second most popular furniture related AR app available. Just like the IKEA Place app, you can visualize 3D renderings of furniture in your home. The app has partnered with major furniture makers, so you’ll find offerings that are not available at your local IKEA store. You’ll find a large selection of furniture to match the design aesthetic of your choice. You can easily browse for furniture and visualize several items simultaneously. With the Pair app you can choose a combination of furniture to design the perfect look for your home. If you recently remodeled your home and you want to give it a new look by purchasing new furniture, you’ll really like the Pair App. With these types of apps, you won’t need an interior designer to help choose your furniture, but if you need help choosing larger items like countertops and cabinets we still recommend hiring a professional interior designer. The Pair app is only available on iOS. 

Housecraft App

housecraft-app.png(image courtesy of TheVerge.com)

The Housecraft App is another iOS app that allows you to visualize furniture in your home. The renderings are amazing, and just like the IKEA Place app and the Pair App, you can choose a brand-new set of furniture to completely redesign your home. You won’t be able to shop for furniture on the app, but Housecraft is looking for retail partners. On the app you’ll be able to visualize a wide variety of generic furniture. While Housecraft isn’t as robust as the other AR apps, you can still use the app to fully furnish your home. An interior designer will help you choose new furniture by visiting several stores, but this app will help you save on gas and on hiring an expensive interior designer. The Housecraft app is only available on iOS.

Houzz App

houzz-app.png(image courtesy of Houzz)

Houzz, the online home remodeling behemoth has also integrated AR technology into their app. But Houzz has the advantage of having a full array of services for people who are remodeling their home. On the Houzz app you can view home remodeling blogs, see reviews for General Contractors, get inspiration, and even shop for furniture, Houzz has taken full advantage of this by partnering with major brands to let users view thousands of different home furnishings that are available to buy on the app and online. After you have chosen the right general contractor for your project on the Houzz App, you’ll also be able to visualize furniture in your home, and purchase the pieces that you love the most. Of all the furniture rendering apps, the Houzz app is the most robust. The Houzz app will easily let you handle your next home remodeling from start your finish.

Ditch the Tape-Measure


(image courtesy of Air Measure)

Did you know that the AR features supported by the iPhone can do more than just view furniture? Apps like MeasureKit and AirMeasure allow you to ditch the tape-measure and take measurements with your phone, the process is complicated, but it uses AR technology to help you measure items through your iPhone’s camera. You can easily measure picture frames, furniture, appliances, and so much more with these helpful apps.

Do you think these AR apps will help you remodel your home? Some people might be brave enough to go at it alone, but some homeowners will prefer to hire a professional designer to help them throughout their home remodeling project. As we mentioned prior, if you aren’t comfortable choosing your own paint color or countertop, you should hire an Interior Designer. But what does an interior designer do? A professional Interior Designer will help you with more than just picking furniture, but will suggest materials and design styles that are within your budget. An Interior Designer will help you develop a new floorplan, cabinet elevations, tile & countertop selections, and can help you with purchasing all the fixtures you might need. The interior designer will help you with all the selections you need to finalize the design of your home remodeling project.

When you select the right General Contractor for your project, you’ll want to make sure that they have an Interior Designer on staff. For over 15 years our team has helped hundreds of homeowners across the South Bay region of Los Angeles with their kitchen and bathroom remodels. Our experience with several types of kitchen layouts allows us to write this article with real world experience. If you need expert advice with interior design, architectural & engineering services, construction project management, and construction, Bay Cities Construction is ready to help you with your home remodeling project.

Are you ready to take the next step? We're certain that Bay Cities Construction is the best licensed general contractor for your project, you can Schedule an Appointment by clicking HERE.  We offer a complimentary 1-hour consultation at our office so you can meet our team, and we can get to know your project and needs.


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