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Wondering About Cost

Have any questions about costs?

Don’t worry, most people do too. 

That’s why we have created this handy ‘Good, Better, Best’ guide to help you choose a budget that best fits your needs.


Blue glass tile was installed floor to ceiling in the shower for the primary bathroom.

Good $

At this level the footprint of your bathroom remains the same (you won’t be moving the shower or sink). Known as a “like for like” remodel, all elements remain in the same place but are simply updated with newer fixtures. Starting at $30,000 a ‘Good’ remodel uses prefab cabinets/vanities and moderately priced tile and plumbing fixtures.

Better $$

Starting at $45,000 the “Better” price point will allow you to upgrade certain elements like a double vanity or semi-custom cabinets.

At this higher price you’ll also have plenty more options to choose from mid-priced plumbing hardware, and nicer tile and stone. 

Best $$$

At the highest “Best” level you’ll truly be able to customize your new kitchen or bathroom, the sky is the limit. At this price point you’ll have plenty more options from high end brands like Rohl, Brizo, and Newport Brass. You will also be able to choose natural stone like marble for countertops and backsplashes. The ‘Best’ price point gives you total control to design you’re the kitchen or bath you’ve always dreamed of.


Have any more questions?

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