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Bathroom Remodel: 3 Walk In Shower Design Ideas

Posted by Lydia Solis on Mar 19 2013

The separate shower and bath have become extremely popular. If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom anytime soon, consider a walk in shower also known as a wet room. Concerned about safety? No problem! Walk in showers are safer than bathtubs because there is no need to step over the side of a tub; which is usually about 16’ inches high or more.
The functionality and design of your shower will all depend on how much space there is to work within your bathroom.
These are the three options to consider:

Prefabricated Shower Stalls- Made of fiberglass and finished with an acrylic or polyester gel. The prefabricated shower comes in a variety of shapes and colors. Most are square or rectangular with one open side to fit a door or curtain.
Prefabricated units come with low or no threshold. This is important for people with impaired mobility. Features that you can include are a shower bench, soap dish, storage shelves, and grab bars.

                                                   prefab shower stall with bench
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Prefabricated Shower Pans Fitted with a Separate Surround- Prefabricated shower pans come in stone and acrylic. It is combined with prefabricated shower stalls, solid surface or tiled walls. Walk in shower los angeles, ca

Custom Shower Stalls- Custom stalls offer more design variety and more options for materials, such as glass, marble, tile, or granite.
Walk in showers do not have doors. Showers with doors build soap scum and settles into the frame. The walk in shower will eliminate this maintenance.

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