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Bathroom Tile Ideas: Bathroom Shower Remodel

When you are remodeling your bathroom, or adding a bathroom to your home, installing a separate shower stall may just be the way to go! Separate shower stalls masterbathare becoming more and more popular and the tile options are endless.

Showers are used in an average household 2 or 3 times more daily than a bathtub. A bathtub may not even be used on a weekly basis by a single family member. The reason for this is that showers are quick and convenient, making them suitable for busy lifestyles. Most people do not have time to wait for a bathtub to fill up. Also, bathroom showers take up much less space than a bathtub. A shower enclosure is often the perfect fit when remodeling a small bathroom. Keep in mind that showers offer tremendous versatility in layout and design.

A walk-in shower is easy for children and elderly persons to use. This kind of shower construction can also be designed for wheelchair accessibility. Bathroom shower remodeling with a universal design will appeal to a wider group of buyers if and when you choose to ever sell your home.

Showers can be custom designed and built to fit your space with tiles that suit yourtiled shower taste. While many people prefer to have a shower over a bath, we still advise to have at least one bathtub in your home. Not having a tub may lower the value of your home or deter potential buyers. If you don’t know which room to put it in, the master bathroom is always the right choice. People love the spa like feeling in their own private space. This allows you to simplify the other bathrooms in your home for convenience or additional space.

To fully customize your shower remodeling project, you should consider various options in rainfall shower heads or waterfall shower heads. These can be mounted to the wall or on the ceiling.

shower headWhen choosing a rainfall shower head be bear in mind the water pressure. Your home may have a lower water pressure than 2.5 gallons per minute that the model was tested with. Look for an adjustable fixture. Your contractor may advise you on the need to replace or adjust your pressure regulatory to maximize the shower benefits.

Shower heads also come with a wide range of massage modes to alleviate a sore neck and shoulder muscles. Select fixtures that complement the overall design of your bathroom.

Hand-held shower heads on a bar allow you to adjust the height of the spray.

Showers can also be constructed with jets. These shower jet systems give a hydro massage by having multiple jets and body sprays.

Steam showers or steam rooms can be very relaxing, therapeutic and good for thesteam shower unit skin. These need to be properly constructed and waterproofed to protect the walls and ceiling from moisture damage. The walls and ceilings should be treated and tiled to avoid condensation. Get professional help building your steam shower to ensure that it is completed successfully.

Showers and steam rooms have been designed and constructed by manufacturers as a single unit that can be installed in your bathroom. These shower stalls come in a variety of shapes and dimensions that will work with almost any bathroom.

Some shower units even come with great lighting, chromo therapy, music and acupuncture jet options. Homeowners are becoming increasingly concerned about their health and wellbeing. Thus want to bring the benefits of a therapeutic spa into their home bathroom.spa shower

Bay Cities Construction can help you design and construct the walk-in shower of your dreams. This bathroom remodel ranked number 1 by blog followers. It is amazing every way. Check it out and send us your commments!


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