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Water Damage Repair: After Your Leaky Roof Has Been Repaired

Posted by Lydia Solis on May 27 2012

After a strong rainfall, the drywall and insulation material in your attic may have becomewater damage restoration, redondo beach saturated with moisture. If your attic space does not have good ventilation it is likely that the insulation will remain moist. To reduce the likely hood of mold growth, it will be necessary to remove the wet insulation and run a fan in the attic to dry any moist surface. 

Water StainsDealing with water stains on the ceiling requires a slightly different approach. Remove any flakes or bubbles to the ceiling surface. Do not patch over any wet spots. Any saturated drywall or plaster sections should be replaced. In some cases, the only visible damage is a ring stain on the ceiling surface. Apply stain blocking products, such as; kills stain blocker. Let it dry and recoat with matching paint. For more info on this topic, do not hesitate to ask us :)

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