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Bathroom Renovation- Getting Started!

We all know how overwhelming a bathroom remodeling project can be. We understand that there a million options to choose from. To make it easier on you, we have put together some options and questions to ask yourself.  bathroom renovation

Do you want your toilet in a separate room? Small things like this are important because habits and details make all the difference in a successful bathroom.

What does your bathroom mean to you? It is usually the first room you walk into after waking up. It can set the tone for your day. For some, their master bath is a calm and restorative place to get away to. For others, the bath is a frustration. Common problems are, outdated or failing fixtures, inadequate lighting, old finishes that are difficult to keep clean, and poor layout and storage.

bathrorom remodelAlthough it is usually one of the smallest rooms in the home, the renovation of a bathroom can be surprisingly complex and costly. A bathroom renovation usually requires several skilled trades during construction – carpenter, electrician, plumber and heating contractor. Some bath renovations will also include custom cabinetry and special tile or stone installations. To keep costs in line, we offer rough design and cost estimates prior to undertaking full design work on a bathroom. The earliest phase in the design process is the best time to scale back if your budget requires.

Getting Started

Start gathering bathroom images for ideas. Make a quick note on each image describing what you like about that bathroom. (‘great colors’ or ‘beautiful tub’ ) These notes are invaluable for the designer who will pull these items together for you.

General Feeling

What words describe your dream bathroom?  Would you like it to be soothing, tranquil, cozy, a retreat, huge, modern, old fashioned?


· How does your current bathroom work for you now? If it doesn’t work so well for you, have you thought about as a solution? Is there an opportunity to enlarge the room?

· Are there any items in the existing bathroom that can be reused such as cabinetry, lighting or plumbing?

· Do you have good natural light and ventilation in the room? Is there an opportunity to add more if necessary?

Fixtures and controls

· List the plumbing items: Sink, toilet, tub and/or shower. Do you prefer separate shower fixturesinks?  What kind of style? Pedestal sink or vanity, a freestanding tub or one that is mounted in a tub deck?

· Think about the shape and finish of the controls.

· Use low-flow faucets and low-flow or dual-flush toilets

· Consider a tankless hot water heater.

Floors and Walls

· What floor and wall materials will give you the look you desire for your bathroom? Can these materials be used to create patterns, and do you want to use them that way?

· Would you like an in-floor heating system?

· Use low VOC paint and wood finishes.

bathroom fixtures· Consider eco-friendly finishes – wood flooring, recycled content ceramic tile, stone tile, or exposed concrete. Natural linoleum is made from natural materials can be finished in a range of colors, and can be installed without the use of adhesives.


· Will you have a vanity, and if so, what will be stored there?

· What other storage or display needs do you need the bathroom?

· What styles and finishes of cabinetry do you prefer?

· Make sure that cabinetry built with plywood (which often contains urea formaldehyde glue, which can cause a range of health issues) is properly sealed before entering your home. Or use solid wood cabinetry and solid surface countertops to avoid the use of plywood.

Lighting Fixtures

· You’ll need lighting at the mirror(s) and some general light from overhead fixtures.

· Do you read in the bath or shave in the shower?

· While you are considering light, think about dimming and control options.

· Use halogen and LED lighting for light quality and energy efficiency.

Window treatments

Consider privacy needs, style, color and pattern.


Mirrors, towel bars, tissue holders, soap dishes, and robe hooks are useful items with decorative importance. Think about size, style, finish, practicality and ease of cleaning.

Air Quality

· Install an exhaust fan that properly vents to the exterior.

· Plants improve the air quality and are an attractive balance to the otherwise hard surfaces in the room.

Greening the Process

The early planning stage is the best time to consider opportunities to ‘green it up’, or to make selections or decisions that will improve the environmental impact and energy and water use for the space. In addition to some of the considerations noted above, the following are sustainable practices and detailing we include as standard in our renovation projects:

· A well-designed and ‘timeless’ space won’t need to be renovated again, saving energy and resources for the future.

· A bathroom renovation usually involves demolition of the wall surfaces – this is a great opportunity to not only improve the wall, ceiling and floor insulation, but to also better insulate all plumbing and heating pipes ductwork.

· Sealing leaks in doors, windows, plumbing, ducting, and electrical wire, and penetrations through exterior walls, floors, ceilings and soffits over cabinets will save additional energy.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your upcoming project.

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