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Kitchen Cabinets Refacing: Is it for you?

refacing kitchen cabinetsAre you interested in kitchen cabinets refacing, but are unsure about the process? Want to know if your kitchen would benefit more from a refacing or remodeling project?

Cabinet refacing and remodeling can be confusing subjects, but don’t fear! This article is designed to help you understand the most important facts about remodeling vs. refacing your kitchen.

Read on to learn more about the refacing process, whether you should invest in refacing or remodeling, and how your kitchen will look better than new when your project is complete!

Evaluate your Existing Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets refacing involves replacing the cabinet door and any other exposed materials. This means that it’s a much quicker process than a full-scale remodel, where your entire cabinetry is replaced.

If your cabinets are damaged or falling apart, then a remodel is recommended. A remodel will take much longer and cost more than a resurfacing project, but it may be necessary to repair your kitchen if your cabinets are damaged.

If your cabinets are in good shape and you are happy with your storage, but just need a new look, then refacing is for you!

Redesign on a Budget

Kitchen cabinets refacing is a hot trend in today’s kitchen design world because of its low cost compared to a full-scale remodel. By refacing, you can cut costs by half compared to a remodel!

In resurfacing, you replace the doors and exposed areas of the cabinet instead of installing brand new cabinets. This makes kitchen cabinet refacing costs far lower than a full-scale remodel.

The Refacing Process

Kitchen cabinets refacing involves removing the doors and drawers of the cabinets and replacing them with matching materials. Any exposed surface is then covered with a matching veneer or laminate that is custom tailored for your project.

Not only does refacing cost less, but it is also more environmentally friendly. Refacing requires far fewer resources to complete. Instead of throwing cabinets out into a dump, you reuse them!

In addition to the low cost and environmental sustainability, your kitchen stays functional during the entire cabinet refacing process. Because there is no electrical or water work involved, you can continue to use your kitchen.

Don’t fear, you won’t have to order pizza every night!

So What’re You Waiting For?

Homeowners are generally thrilled when they hear about kitchen cabinets refacing.

They only have to pay half of what it would cost to remodel their entire kitchen, and can do so in an environmentally responsible way. Check out refacing to discover how you too can have a successful kitchen project for half the cost.

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