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How Important is it to Pull Permits for a Bathroom Remodel

Posted by Lydia Solis on Apr 14 2015

Regulations regarding building permits for a bathroom remodel vary from state to state. Here in Southern Why_are_permits_required_for_a_bathroom_remodelCalifornia however, pulling permits is required. Should you or your contractor opt to do any kind of remodeling work without pulling the necessary permits, you could face a substantial amount of fines, and the cost of redoing the work if you decide to sell your home.

Why are permits required for a bathroom remodel?

  • Permits can be seen as consumer protection, a contractor who does not want to pull the required permits, may be lacking licensing… Red Flag!
  • That is definitely something you should be aware of before starting your project. Permits are required as a code enforcement. An inspector will sign off on various stages of your bathroom remodel to make sure that everything is done up to code for that particular city.

What are the consequences for doing a bathroom remodel without permits?

  • If unpermitted work is discovered, you could and your contractor could be fined and face other serious penalties.
  • You may also end up having to dish out double the dough in order to have the work redone correctly and up to code.
You may be thinking, “Well, how will they find out?” The answer to that is, unauthorized work is easily discovered when future buyers of the home hire and inspector.

How do I know if my bathroom remodel requires a permit?

  • Generally speaking, any improvements made to your bathroom that changes the electrical, plumbing or structural systems will require a permit.

If you think about it carefully, the cost of pulling the proper permits is far less than the cost of the possible repercussions.

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