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Green Construction: What to Do With Your Remodeling Leftovers

Posted by Lydia Solis on May 18 2012

Even the most efficient and seasoned do it yourselfer will confess to usually having a fair amount of leftover materials. You are almostgreen construction, green building always left with a load of spare wood, tiles, extra cables, paint, ect…
Deciding what to do with the leftovers typically can be frustrating. It usually ends up sitting somewhere in a garage or shed. We have decided to put together a list of options to help rid you of all those leftovers?
  • Craigslist.com 

Where most of us go to get rid of unwanted gifts or household products, why not use this to get rid of some unwanted material?

Give us your ideas for finding alternate use of leftovers from your construction project!

  •  Local Recycling Center

metal recycleCheck online for a local center near you. Usually large landfill or drop-off centers, prospective recyclers separate their waste by material.
  • Return unused items

    More often than none, you’re left with unused and unopened items. Return them.  New projects usually require slightly different components. So try not to save every item and think you can use it for next time. By not getting your money back you are practically throwing it away.  

    • Recycle Recycle

    The first place to look is in the home; can any of these materials be put to use elsewhere?  Or may you could use the leftover paint in the kitchen or bathroom rather than buying a new color? If you do not think you will use them, definitely take them for the local recycling center we mention earlier.

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