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How much does an IKEA kitchen cost?

Posted by Alex Rodriguez on Dec 28 2012


IKEA kitchen CabinetsWe all know that IKEA kitchen cabinets are very popular but the self service business model leaves many consumer asking "how much will IKEA kitchen cabinets cost installed?" Here is quick an easy way to get a ball park estimate on what it will cost you to remodel your kitchen with IKEA kitchen cabinets.

1. Box Count- IKEA is a modular cabinet box system. 

Box Count Method - Count your existing kitchen cabinet boxes. Multiply your existing cabinet count by $246 and you will have a rough estimate of what it will cost you to replace those cabinets with IKEA kitchen cabinets. Example: say you have 15 cabinet now, (15 x $246= $3690) this is the cost of the cabinets, moldings, panels and hardware. Add another $200 per box to estimate the labor cost of installation (15 x $200= $3,000 for installation) Total cost is $6690 for your cabinets labor and materials.

2. Door frame Style- This is the style of the doors panels and drawers

Hardwood frames cost more than the flat white panels. IKEA offers a wide range of wood species and wood colors. The prices can rise by 20% when you upgrade to solid hard wood door panels. Simply add that to the cabinet cost to get an estimate of what your doord will cost. 

3. Hardware- Pull outs affect cost

IKEA does have some great storage options. The pantry drawers come in a large variety of height depending on what you intend to store. Consider your storage needs when selecting storage hardware.

4. Work site- Do you have a safe place to store the cabinet?

IKEA cabinets are shipped in flat boxes. They must be assembled prior to installation. Consider a location on the jobsite that they can stored. It must be a dry place that will be safe from theft or damage during construction. The work crew will need a place to assemble the boxes. The closer this location is to the kitchen the better. 

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