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Ikea Kitchen Cabinets vs. Lowes Kitchen Cabinets

Deciding on cabinets can be one of the most tedious tasks when remodeling your kitchen.  We will break down the three key components to assembling your new kitchen and go through the difference between Ikea kitchen cabinets and Lowes kitchen cabinet sets.ikea kitchen cabinet installers

Both Ikea and Lowes go through great lengths to make great products at even better prices. They also try to make it a pain-free experience with easy installation.

When putting together your dream kitchen you will want to start by picking the material for your cabinets (i.e. the structural style of your cabinets, and the matching cabinet faces). Cabinet styles will vary from framed to unframed. The most common materials used for cabinets and cabinet faces alike are either particleboard or plywood. Cabinet faces forthe most part will go one of two ways; a raised or a recessed panel.

ikea kitchen cabinet installation

After deciding the style of cabinets and picking the faces, we suggest choosing any combination of cabinets to compliment your kitchen and your family’s needs. Different types of cabinets are as follows; base, wall, and tall cabinets. Base cabinets are what hold up your countertops. Wall cabinets typically hang over the countertops. And tall cabinets fill in those tricky angles in the kitchen or can wrap around the refrigerator to give you extra cupboard space.

Once you have chosen your kitchen cabinets and made a combination that fulfills your needs with regard to space and efficiency, you have one last task at hand; picking and matching hardware to your cabinet faces.

The Ikea kitchen cabinet setups are designed to be easy for installation and maintenance. They also give you the choice of constructing a custom kitchen or opting out for a prefabricated kitchen. Meaning that all the choices have been made for you and it would look very similar to something straight out of a catalog. When you purchase anIkea kitchen cabinet set they provide a 25 year warranty on some of their finest cabinet sets.

lowes kitchen cabinet installers

Lowes has many similar products and offers as Ikea, but stands by their product in another way. Not only will Lowes offer the service of their technicians to install your cabinets, but will have your kitchen cabinet set shipped to your home within one to three business days for free!

lowes kitchen cabinet installation

For more information on Ikea kitchen cabinets, Lowes kitchen cabinets, or kitchen cabinets in general, please do not hesitate to ask us.


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Disclosure: As of 2015 we no longer build, install, or work with IKEA Kitchens A.B. We now specialize in the design & build of kitchen & bath remodels using locally made custom/prefab cabinets. Please contact your local IKEA location for a certified installer.
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