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The Real Reason for Remodeling your Home

Posted by Lydia Solis on Jan 21 2015

The hard truth about home remodeling is that you will probably never recoup the money you spend because real_reason_to_remodelof constant industry changes.

The payback comes from enjoying a nicer home. It may raise the home’s value, but rarely by the amount that was spent to renovate it. Therefore, remodeling is most beneficial for people who plan to stay put. Among some of the biggest losses are a home office, because homebuyers are rarely looking for office space. However, with more and more people working remotely, this is likely to change into a good investment. Other losses include home additions, but this depends on the comps within your area. And Sunrooms.

So why put money into fixing up your house? Some of the many reasons why people continue to renovate is because they want a better living space. They don’t want to cook in an ugly kitchen or would like to turn their basement into a function living space, or there is not enough bathroom space for the people in your household. In other words, remodeling will make people much happier about their living space.

Now on to the bigger question, how do you find a good contractor? The key is to do your research. You can ask neighbors, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that, that is the right contractor for you. I have heard countless complaints from people had prior work done by other contractors that were recommended to them by friends. To avoid disaster, check out the contractor’s website, Yelp, Houzz, and BBB reports.

Once you decide on a couple of contractor’s, ask to see documents on liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage just to make sure they are legitimate contractors.


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