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Bay Cities Construction replaced this driveway in Redondo Beach, CA.

The Anzack family recently hired Bay Cities Construction to install a new concrete driveway & patio. The original ribbon/strip driveway had aged badly and was in dire need of repairs.

The homeowner wanted a new driveway that would be free of trip hazards, so our team started by demoing the old driveway, grading & compacting the soil, and getting everything ready for new concrete. This neighborhood has sandy soil, so the homeowner opted for rebar instead of the typical wire mesh. After pouring two trucks' worth of concrete, and hours of float, the driveway cured for a week after the initial pour. 

This is the 5th project we've done for this homeowner, and we are delighted to have worked for them once again. Bay Cities Construction provided Site Plan services, Submittal & Permit services, and Concrete Finishing services.