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3 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Stress During a Kitchen Remodel

Posted by Lydia Solis on Jun 11 2015

For anyone having gone through or going through a kitchen remodel, you know it can get extremely messy. how_to_keep_dust_away_during_constructionOrganization is the key to staying sane.

Here are a few tips that will keep you relatively organized during this chaotic time:

  1. Create a filing system- All of your paperwork regarding your kitchen remodel should be stored in one place. Purchase an inexpensive portable filer where you can place your permits, receipts, contract, ideas, etc…
  2. Plastic cover up- Make sure that you cover all of your heavy furniture (the stuff that can’t be moved into another room) with plastic. If done correctly, this will help minimize the amount of dust that get’s into crevices and from damaging your belongings.
  3. Breathe- It is incredibly easy to become overwhelmed and stressed with the chaos and mess around you. Do your best to leave the house while construction is taking place. Find a relaxing and healthy hobby such as yoga, paddle boarding, or meditation to ease your mind and body from the stress.

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