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Lousy Construction Results: Failed Home Remodel Construction Project

Posted by Lydia Solis

It is widely known that the home remodel industry is rife with unsavory characters. The common slick pushy sales man who wears way too much cologne.  One thing that truly chaps my hide is when people move forward and hire someone because they quoted them a “super deal.” The customer was also promised the world in expensive upgrades, etc., etc. This job only has two roads. One leads to the $1 Fare and the other to the magic show. The $1 is when a customer feels like they are on a rollercoaster that rattles and is a terrifying ride. Shoddy work and no return phone calls from the contractor. The magic show is when the contractor disappears with the customer’s money and abandons the project. For a while I thought that the great recession had killed off most of these degenerate self-proclaimed ‘contractors.’  As the economy continues to grow I have noticed that some of these scumbags are slithering their way back into the market. If you can sense my contempt for these sleazy people it because they cause an enormous amount of havoc in the construction industry. Bad contractors cause home owner major anxiety. When I first meet with people it takes about 15 minutes for them to get comfortable with me. I like to think that my ethics and reputation help set their mind at ease. In most cases this is true, but I do notice more often than not people have their defenses up.

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How to Spot a Shady Contractor

Posted by Lydia Solis

As a residential construction company, we were of course intrigued when Adam Corolla teamed up with Spike TV for Catch a Contractor. It’s about the nationwide epidemic of shady contractors giving the good ones a bad name. Innocent people who need work done on their home and end up being scammed by these “contractors”. The contractor vanishes like a ghost with the customers’ money and leave hack jobs behind.

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