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Small Bathroom Remodel: Consider a Pedestal Sink

All bathroom remodel projects are difficult, but a small bathroom remodel can be a bit more challenging. In a small bathroom every inch counts. Small bathrooms can also be charming when you utilize your space efficiently. Installing a double vanity might be out of the question but you still have options. A pedestal sink can help you save vital space in a small bathroom while creating an illusion of a larger space. Pedestal sinks are ideal for small bathrooms and powder rooms. This article will help you learn about the features and benefits of pedestal sinks.

If you are wondering how to remodel a small bathroom we’re here to help. Our team has remodeled hundreds of bathrooms across the South Bay region of Los Angeles. We have worked with countless homeowners to completely renovate their bathroom. As one of the best bathroom remodelers in the area, we have the experience to help you transform your small bathroom into a bathroom you will love. You can also learn about the cost of remodeling your bathroom by reading “How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?”.

Space Savers


(Image courtesy of Kohler)

If you have a small bathroom and you want to create more space, you should consider ditching your vanity altogether. Think about it, vanities can be huge and clunky. They will take up too much space in a small bathroom. When compared to a vanity, pedestal sinks hardly take up any space at the base. You don’t need to worry about losing any sink space, the top sink bowl can still offer plenty of space. A pedestal sink will allow more flooring to be visible, making the entire room appear to be larger than it is.

This is an honest comparison, so we also want to disclose that there are some drawbacks if you choose to install a pedestal sink. Removing a vanity will also mean that you are removing storage. A pedestal sink has virtually no room for storage. You will need to find space somewhere else to store your toiletries. Keep this in mind when you plan your next small bathroom remodel. You might need to add storage space elsewhere in your home. Removing a vanity during your bathroom remodel can also cause issues with your flooring. You can never be sure of what you will find underneath an old vanity. Old and uneven flooring will need to be removed and replaced, likely increasing the total cost of your bathroom remodel budget.



(image courtesy of The Spruce)

Have you ever wondered why toilets are made of porcelain? There’s an actual reason why. It's because porcelain is tough, durable, and easy to clean. Pedestal sinks, the majority of which are made of porcelain, are also easy to clean. All you need is a damp cloth and some warm water. If you have some tough stains, you can use some mild soap. But it won't be as time consuming as cleaning a vanity made of wood. Just wipe and you are done. Additionally, wooden vanities can suffer water damage as they age. You won’t have to worry about this with a pedestal sink, porcelain is waterproof and is not porous.

Another benefit of a pedestal sink is that porcelain is very tough, so it will not be damaged easily like a large, clunky vanity. There’s no way that a pedestal sink will be damaged by daily use. You would really need a sledgehammer to damage a porcelain pedestal sink. We don’t suggest that you try this at home.

Matching Fixtures


(image courtesy of iBathUK)

We said this would be an honest comparison, so we need to disclose another drawback. Your options when searching for matching designs might be limited. Homeowners that remodel their entire bathroom usually choose a matching design for their bathroom sink and toilet bowl. Large manufacturers like Kohler and American Standard make matching bathroom lines, but other than that, your options are limited. You might need to visit a bathroom specialty store to find a matching set for your bathroom remodel project. One thing is for sure, you will have no trouble finding a variety of vanities that match the design and look you are going for in your bathroom remodel.


Let’s talk about money. Are pedestal sinks more affordable than a vanity? Yes! When you combine the cost of a vanity and vanity-top, the price of a pedestal sink is lower by almost half. You will have no trouble finding a large pedestal sink for less than $300 on average. Good luck finding a nice vanity and vanity-top for less than $500. You may need to search the internet to find a good affordable deal on a bathroom vanity and vanity-top combination.


small-bathroom-remodel-fixture-installation.png(image courtesy of DIY Network)

Some homeowners and diy-ers choose to remodel their bathrooms on their own, and that’s totally fine if you know what you are doing. Vanities are really easy to install, you won’t have any trouble here. You might have to disconnect some faucet connections, but other than that it’s an easy task to tackle.

Most pedestal sinks can be installed by the homeowner, but others that require specialty faucets, hardware, or have floating sinks will require some professional installation. You won’t want to mess with this, you might increase the total cost of your bathroom remodel if you cause any damage to the wall or your plumbing.

There you have it, these are just some of the reasons why you should ditch your vanity and consider a pedestal sink for your small bathroom remodel project. A pedestal sink can save you space and money.

We really hope you found this article helpful, let us know your thoughts in the comment section. If you want to learn more about bathroom remodeling you can read the articles we have linked below. We have hundreds of articles, videos, and pictures on our website to help you with your next bathroom remodel.

You Need a Team of Pros

Bathroom remodels are a hefty project to tackle alone, you will need a team of Pros to help you every step of the way. Bay Cities Construction is a California Licensed Contractor and our team has helped hundreds of homeowners across Southern California transform their bathrooms and kitchens. Our team has the expertise to design and build your next home remodel project.

Ready to take the next step? If you think Bay Cities Construction is the best licensed general contractor for your project, you can Schedule a Quote by clicking here. We offer complimentary 1-hour consultations for your bathroom remodel projects.

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