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Kitchen Remodel Ideas: Popular Kitchen Sink Styles

popular-kitchen-sinks.png(Courtesy of HGTV.com)

Sinks are the centerpiece of the kitchen. There are so many shape and material combinations that it might seem difficult to choose. Selecting the right sink shape and material will depend on your kitchen size, need, and budget. High quality kitchen sinks will cost more, but will ultimately last longer. 

In recent years, homeowners have opted for larger kitchen sinks that can fit larger pots and pans.

We have worked on hundreds of kitchen remodel projects throughout the past decade. We’ve written this article to help you learn about all the kitchen sink styles and materials available, while hopefully making it easier to choose your next kitchen sink. Whether you are getting ready for a kitchen remodel, or are just updating the sink, here are eight of the most popular kitchen sink styles to consider when embarking on a kitchen renovation!

Self-Rimming Sink

kohler-self-rimming-sink.png(Source: Kohler)

The most common sink design found in homes across the country is the self-rimming sink. It gets its name from the rim that extends above the counter, supporting all its own weight. This type of sink comes in a variety of materials including stainless steel, porcelain, enameled cast iron, and copper.

Undermount Sink

kohler-undermount-sink.png(Source: Kohler)

Undermount sinks are the second most popular type of sink. This style is installed below the countertop for a flush, seamless look. But you’ll have to keep in mind, this type of sink can only be used with solid countertops like granite and marble.

Bamboo Apron


Bamboo apron sinks are seldom seen in western homes, but they are guaranteed to give your kitchen a unique look.

Porcelain Apron Sink

kohler-apron-sink.png(Source: Kohler)

Porcelain apron sinks are made to resemble old-world sinks, the apron adds timeless appeal to kitchens. Although porcelain is the most popular apron sink, they are also available in stainless steel, and copper. 

Integrated Quartz

silestone-integrated-quartz-sink.png(Source: Silestone)

 A fairly new trend in kitchen remodels are integrated sinks. Quartz sinks are integrated into quartz countertop slabs. This offers a smooth surface that offers an easy cleaning surface.

Integrated Marble

integrated-marble-sink.png(Image via Houzz.com)

Marble sinks can also be integrated to the countertop. The integrated marble sink adds a luxurious touch to any kitchen. The high-end materials add a modern twist to a sink that has an easy-to-clean design.

Prep Sink

prep-sink-signature-hardware.png(Source: Signature Hardware)

Prep sinks are ideal for homeowners that spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Those that love cooking will enjoy the additional food preparation space. Prep sinks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, giving your kitchen a professional look.

Farmhouse Sink


Farmhouse sinks resemble a small tub, these sinks are usually deeper than regular stainless-steel sinks. This type of sink is usually the largest, making it able to accommodate large pots and pans. This style of sink sits slightly past the cabinets on purpose; if any water runs down, it avoids damaging the cabinets. These sinks give homes a rustic look, without creating a mess.

Want to Learn More?

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