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paint colors


3 min read

Interior Paint Shades Affect Your Mood

If you follow our blog, you’ll know that we have recently covered the importance of paint colors. The paint color you choose for the interior and...

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2 min read

5 Mistakes Everyone Makes when Choosing a Paint Color

Picking the shade that will cover a room can be a daunting task- just where do you begin when staring at a wall of dozens of shades? While the vast...

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1 min read

How to Choose the Right Exterior Paint Color for your Home

When making renovations to your home including a new paint job, you want to pick the perfect color. A few things to keep in mind during the process...

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1 min read

Best Paint Colors for your Kitchen

Deciding on a paint color for your kitchen is an important decision. The kitchen is the center of the home with the most activity. Paint colors...

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