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seismic retrofit

2 min read

Did You Feel It? Magnitude 3.7 Earthquake Rattles Los Angeles

Did you feel the recent magnitude 3.7 earthquake this week? It was near the Newport-Inglewood Fault Zone

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4 min read

Why Do House Bolting Prices in Los Angeles Vary So Much?

I don’t want to scare you, but did you know that there are over 140 faults in Southern California? According to the Southern California Earthquake...

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2 min read

What is an Earthquake Retrofit? How to Protect Your Home from Quakes

Ever since the Ridgecrest Earthquakes struck in July 2019, several friends and customers of mine have asked for my construction advice - they all...

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what is brace and bolt foundation retrofit - boltdown - how to protect your home from earthquakes

3 min read

What is Earthquake Brace + Bolt Retrofit? Seismic Retrofit Protection

We all know that California is ‘Earthquake Country’, but did you know that nearly every neighborhood in Los Angeles is near an earthquake fault?

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