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Home Maintenance 


Regular home maintenance is important. It not only keeps your home looking good, but it also helps your property maintain its value. Sometimes owners cannot afford to hire a handyman or let alone a general contractor, but did you know that there are certain home maintenance projects you can tackle alone?

 We understand that home maintenance may seem daunting, but we want to help you overcome your worries. We have written this frequently asked questions article to help you comprehend home maintenance basics. Buying a new home usually brings can bring peace of mind. You may not have to fix,change, or replace anything around your newly purchased home (unless it’s a fixer-upper). After years of ownership, keeping up with routine maintenance around your home will keep it in excellent shape.  This home maintenance quiz from NAHB will come in handy for all homeowners.  Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make, so you’ll want to make sure you take proper care of your investment. Taking good care of it with regular maintenance is necessary to maintain its value and ensure that it will provide a comfortable and safe environment for you and your entire family.

For over 15 years, Bay Cities Construction has helped hundreds of homeowners across the South Bay region of Los Angeles transform their homes. Our team specializes in kitchen and bath remodels, home additions, and even soft story retrofits. Our experience with home repair allows us to write this article with real world experience. This article is designed to answer common home maintenance questions you might have. So if you need expert advice for your home repair project, Bay Cities Construction is ready to help you with whatever question you may have. If you have any other home maintenance question that you did not see here you can call us or email us - We’ll be glad to help you.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often do forced-air furnace filters need to be changed?

At least every three months during the heating season.


2. What part of the faucet usually needs to be replaced when you have a water leak?

The washer.


3. Should you run hot or cold water through your garbage disposal?

Cold water.


4. How often should the moving parts of garage doors be oiled?

Every three months.


5. What tools can you use to unclog your drains?

A plunger and a plumber’s snake.


6. What tool can be used to unclog a toilet?

Coil spring-steel auger.


7. What faucet part needs to be cleaned every three to four months?

Aerator—the screen inside the end of the faucet.


8. What can you use for traction on icy sidewalks, steps and driveways?

Cat litter or sand—never use salt because it damages the pavement.


9. Where should the fire in your fireplace be built?

On the andirons or grate, never on the fireplace floor.


10. What will prevent soot and add color to the fire in your fireplace?

Throw in a handful of salt.


11. Where should your firewood be stored?

Outside, away from your house and not directly on the ground.


12. What helps keep unpainted concrete floors easy to keep clean?

Concrete sealer.


13. What should you use to clean unpainted concrete floors?

A solution of 4 to 6 tablespoons of washing soda in a gallon of hot water. Mix scouring powder to the solution for tough jobs.


14. When can you clean hardwood floors with water?

When the floors have a polyurethane finish.


15. Do hardwood floors need to be waxed?

Hardwood floors that do not have a polyurethane finish probably will need to be waxed periodically. Use liquid or paste “spirit” wax.


16. What is the best polish for vinyl floors?

Water emulsion wax.


17. When is basement condensation at its maximum?

In new homes because gallons of water went into the concrete of basement walls.


18. Why should noisy water pipes be fixed promptly?

The condition that causes noisy pipes may be accompanied by vibration that can cause fittings to loosen and leak.


19. Why should frozen pipes be thawed slowly?

Frozen pipes should be thawed slowly to prevent the formation of steam, which could  cause the pipe to burst.


20. How often should your roof be inspected?

A qualified roofer should inspect your roof every three years.


21. What should be regularly checked on your security system?

The alarms and circuit breakers should be checked to make sure they are in working order and the sensors should be inspected one by one.


22. To ensure your safety, what household equipment uses batteries that must be checked regularly to make sure they are operable?

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.


23. What do you use to fill nail holes and cracks in plaster walls and gypsum wallboard?



24. What is the white powdery substance that develops on masonry walls?

Efflorescence sometimes appears on masonry walls. It is crystallized soluble salts that can be removed by scrubbing with water and a stiff brush.


25. At what temperature should your water heater be set?

120 degrees Fahrenheit


26. How often do skylights need to be inspected?

Skylights should be inspected each time your roof is inspected so leaks don’t develop from cracks and interruptions around its seals, caulking and flashings.


27. What is a simple solution you can use to wash extremely dirty exterior windows?

A solution of equal parts vinegar and water or 3 tablespoons of denatured alcohol per quart of warm water. Use a piece of crumpled newspaper to wash the glass to avoid lint left behind by paper towels.


28. What can you use to help a window slide easily?

Rub the channel with a piece of paraffin.


29. What should you look for when you inspect your siding yearly?

Determine if wood-sided homes need to be repainted; check to see if the caulking around the windows and doors has split and cracked, and replace the caulk; clean the mildew; trim shrubbery away so it does not touch the siding.

Our team of Pros can help you with any home remodeling project, including residential painting, roof repair, stucco repair. We have plenty of resources on our website to help you with your home remodeling project; from tips, trends, guides and checklists, you'll find plenty of resources on our blog section. If you need additional help for your home remodeling project we suggest reading the following articles:

Please feel free to leave a comment about your home maintenance experiences and provide any tips that you may have for others. Your feedback allows us to create content that you really want to see on our website.


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