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Why I Am the Best Contractor in Manhattan Beach, CA

In my 20 years of construction industry experience I have come to learn several must have principles to be the best contractor in the-best-contractor-manhattan-beach-ca.jpgManhattan Beach, CA. The quality of work is a given- so that is not what I will focus on. Contractors that are focused on the total client experience are on the right path of top-gun performance. When a contractor’s decision making matrix is focused on the client experience, several good things happen. A contractor that thinks this way will always put the interest of his/her client first. The contractor will focus on understanding the true needs and wants of the client while developing an executable plan to treat his clients house like a home instead of a construction site.

Here are just a few things that a top gun contractor MUST master in order to be the best:

  • Inter-personal skill sets
  • Management Team
  • Project Management
  • Material Sourcing

Inter-Personal skills

In and industry with a reputation for awry bunch, the ability to communicate well with clients and team members is essential. Being sympathetic to a client’s needs and expectations helps tremendously during the stressful aspects of construction. 

Management Team

If you hire a contractor who is a one man band, you will soon learn that the music being played is the sound of chaos. The fact is that if a project is larger than $50,000 you don’t need a contractor you need a team. A team of pros working toward a common goal, getting your job done.

Project Management

Every project has a beginning, middle, and an end. In order to get from point A to point  B, project management skills and process are absolutely necessary. If there is no project plan then there is no process, and you can guarantee that your job will not be done in a timely manner or without severe headache.

Material Sourcing

Having access to quality materials and components is an area that many clients are unaware of. Most homeowners don’t have the experience to determine the appropriate materials for certain applications. This is especially true when determining material exposed to the elements or extreme conditions. A good contractor should be consulted when finishes are being selected.

If you want to learn more about process based construction, please follow this link. This is an article geared toward educating the public about the performance standards that are expected by top professionals in the residential construction industry. You can also check out the articles below:

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